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How to Age Actively

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

As people get older, they begin to complain more about the aches and pains that we all assume are part of ageing. Back pain is one of the biggest complaints and the main issue is that people tend to seek medical aid only once their back has already begun to hurt. Active ageing is the process of taking proactive steps to prevent those issues we associate with age and it can make a huge difference in your comfort as you get older.

Stay Active

Getting regular exercise is very important. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym or simply walking the dog every day but moving is essential in staying healthy. Find an activity that you enjoy and make certain to partake regularly.

When you get exercise and move about regularly, it helps keep your muscles strong and intact. Without proper movement, you may lose muscle mass as you get older, which can cause all manner of health problems, including joint issues.

Watch Your Posture

Maintaining your posture is another important part of ageing gracefully. Take the time to learn the appropriate stretches to improve your sitting and standing posture, then put them into use. You should take note of your position whenever you’re standing or sitting for long periods of time.

It may help to use ergonomic furniture anywhere you need to sit for a longer period of time. A good desk chair, for example, can help you keep the right posture while you work. These simple steps will help you improve your back health and position.

See a Chiropractor

Stay on top of potential back pain by regularly visiting a chiropractor. They can help you by adjusting your spine and catching any small issues and correcting them. By managing these issues while they’re still simple, you can prevent bigger, more dangerous and debilitating problems. For this reason, you should consider visiting the chiropractor even if you don’t have any noticeable spinal problems or pain yet.

Stay Flexible

Even if you’re not up for running or doing aerobics, stretching is almost always an option. Stretches allow you to stay limber and keep your muscles in good condition so you’re less likely to strain them. It can also be helpful for building core strength, which will improve your posture as you get older.

Stretches come in many forms, from posture-specific stretches to yoga. It can be a relaxing method of getting some movement in your life and will help you feel more energetic. Your chiropractor can recommend some good stretches to start out with.

Anyone who wishes to stay young in mind and body will need to start now. Prevention is the best cure, as they say, so be sure to look after your body now to avoid back pain and other aches as you age.

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